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Invisalign Preferred Provider

Invisalign Preferred Provider

Invisalign Preferred Provider


Fun and Friendly staff
Fun and friendly staff! I always feel welcomed when I walk in.  If you need your teeth cleaned, need a filling or any type of dental work, I highly recommend this place. Ask for Dr. Poneh Ghasri.


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About Safety of Dental Implants

Dental implants About Safety of Dental Implantsare an effective procedure used to replace missing teeth. Compared to dentures, implants are more natural in both appearance and function, while as easy to care for as natural teeth. However, like any medical procedure, using implants to replace missing teeth has some risks that should be considered prior to having the procedure performed.

Implants consist of titanium or other metal that is inserted directly into the jaw bone. While the metals used are generally well-received by most people, it is still a foreign object in the body and may be rejected by certain individuals.

There is the risk of nerve damage when inserting an implant. This may result in tingling, numbness, or pain that may remain or may go away over time. Additionally, as with any dental procedure, there is the risk of infection in the gums or even in the jawbone. Those with other health issues or who use tobacco or alcohol on a regular basis are typically more at risk for side effects, including infection.

Some people fear that implants can cause or aggravate oral cancer, neurological problems, mood issues, chronic fatigue, headache, facial pain, and more. However, with the established safety record, it is unlikely that implants cause these health issues.

Our West Hollywood dentist is skilled and experienced in the implant procedure, helping to reduce potential risks that could occur. If you have any missing teeth, make an appointment to find out which tooth replacement option is best for you.


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