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Breast Feeding and Risk of Crossbites in Kids

Breast Feeding and Risk of Crossbites in KidsCrossbites, when the upper and lower teeth fail to line up properly, can increase the risk for a number of dental issues, including excessive dental enamel wear, assymetrical growth of the jawbone and face, TMJ disorders, loose teeth and receding gums. If you have a crossbite, a full evaluation with our West Hollywood orthodontic treatments specialist can provide you with a treatment plan that will bring your teeth into a healthier alignment and reduce your risk of these conditions.

According to new research, women may also be able to reduce the risk of crossbite in their children. The study, which was performed at the University of Sao Paulo City in Brazil, examined nearly 1,400 children between the ages of three and six years. Their mothers were asked about their breastfeeding histories. Children who were bottlefed had a 31.1 percent incidence of crossbite while children who were breastfed fewer than six months had a 22.4 percent incidence of crossbite. Children who were breastfed a year or more than a year had an 8.3 and 2.2 percent incidence of crossbite respectively. Researchers concluded that exclusive breastfeeding for at least six months and breastfeeding for more than 12 months may be able to reduce the risk of crossbite.

The risk of crossbite can also increase if your child has adenoids or enlarged tonsils or if their baby teeth fail to fall out in a timely manner. If you have concerns about your child’s dental health or would like to learn more about crossbite treatment options, contact our West Hollywood dentist today to schedule your appointment.

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