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Dairy Products Can Help Avoid Cavities

dairy products can help avoid cavitiesWhat you eat has an effect on both your overall health and your oral health. It is well known that both calcium and Vitamin D are beneficial for strong bones and teeth. These nutrients are commonly found in dairy products, making items such as milk, yogurt, and cheese a good choice for healthy teeth. Not only do the nutrients in dairy products help keep teeth strong, but research is showing that dairy products may offer even more protective benefits to teeth.

When the pH levels in the mouth become too acidic, your enamel begins to erode. This can lead to the development of cavities by allowing plaque and bacteria to get to the softer tooth tissues. While brushing your teeth can help remove this harmful plaque and bacteria, brushing is not always convenient or even possible.

While eating sugary or acidic foods can increase the acid level in the mouth, lowering the pH level, certain dairy products, especially cheese, can reduce this acid and raise pH levels, offering some protection against the formation of cavities. Chewing cheese can increase saliva, which washes away acids. Cheese also leaves a slight coating on teeth, offering additional protection to keep plaque and bacteria from sticking.

If you have any questions on how your diet is affecting your oral health, our dentist in West Hollywood can provide you with the best recommendations for at-home oral health care, daily nutrition, and other preventive measures.

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