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Dental Crowns in West Hollywood

Dental Crowns in West HollywoodHere at Sunset Plaza Dental, we understand just how devastating missing and damaged teeth can be for our patients. Not only can these conditions be painful, they are going to be unsightly and lead to individuals avoiding their smile at all costs. This is why our West Hollywood dental crowns specialist, Dr. Ghasri, is proud to offer a full line of solutions to these problems.

For many years, crowns have been one of the leading options for those with severe amounts of decay. Our specialist on dental crowns in West Hollywood would traditionally begin this process by molding the damaged tooth in order to allow a crown made of porcelain or other materials to fit over it. Once set in place with a bonding agent, these would offer our patients some huge benefits.

Our West Hollywood dental crowns expert can ensure that any amount of damage or decay will not spread to the surrounding areas. This is exceedingly important, especially in the case of disease, in order to avoid reconstructive options on that part of the mouth at a later point. Crowns will also protect the damaged tooth in order to put a halt to any serious pain that is coming as a result of exposed nerves in the soft tissue or pulp of the teeth.

West Hollywood Dental Crowns Expert

Our dentist for dental crowns in West Hollywood also has much more advanced options that will allow us to utilize crowns as a permanent solution to tooth loss. This treatment, called dental implants, will begin by implanting rods into the area left by missing teeth. Once the mouth has healed and the rod has permanently fused with the jaw, we have the option of attaching any number of amazing dental appliances, including dental bridges.

Tooth loss and tooth decay are serious issues that countless Americans deal with every single year. The easiest way to avoid these unsightly and uncomfortable ordeals is by scheduling regular appointments with our West Hollywood dentist. If you or a loved one does begin to feel pain in your teeth or gums, it is important to contact us immediately in order to diagnose the problem and find a quick and painless solution.