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Dental Options for People with Diabetes

Dental Options for People with Diabetes

Advancements in dentistry have seen the popularity of dental implants take off as a treatment option for the restoration of missing teeth. But those with diabetes have traditionally been left out in the cold when it comes to this particular treatment.


Dental implants are sensitive to the effects of infection, and diabetics are prone to infections, including gum disease. They are also less able to fight off infections when they do occur. In addition, diabetics find wound healing to be more troublesome than healthy individuals without diabetes. Therefore, it has been believed that diabetics would not make good candidates for dental implants. As a result, diabetics have had to settle for bridges or dentures to replace their lost teeth.


Now, though, it seems that options may be increasing for those with diabetes. As part of a recent research study, over 200 dental implants were placed, many of them for diabetics, and results thus far have been promising.


Of the more than 200 implants that were placed, all but two of them healed properly. Though the patients with diabetes took a longer time to heal than their non-diabetic counterparts, they did heal.


Since diabetics are more susceptible to gum disease and infections in general, diabetics who receive dental implants will need to be extremely diligent with their oral hygiene to ensure the success of their implants over time. Besides thorough daily brushing and flossing, frequent visits to their dentist for professional cleanings and dental checkups will be necessary to monitor their oral health and the ongoing health of their implants.

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