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Invisalign Preferred Provider

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Dr Poneh Ghasri is simply amazing! She has been my dentist for years, and now takes care of my entire family. She has done so many preventive solutions for my teeth and has spared me lots of pain and ...
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Dental X Rays in West Hollywood

Dental X Rays in West HollywoodAs with most health issues that take place throughout the body, the key to maintaining great oral health is by catching any serious ailments before they advance too far. Within the teeth and gums, this is going to mean regular checkups that involve a full line of preventative and general treatments that are going to protect your mouth. For those that are in need of a West Hollywood dental X-rays specialist, our staff is ready to help you achieve a straight and beautiful smile.

Receiving regular dental X-rays in West Hollywood is one of the most important steps that an individual can take in order to stay healthy. Studies from around the world continue to outline the connections between gum disease, tooth decay, and other serious conditions that can take place throughout the body. Those with severe damage in their mouth are going to find themselves at a much higher risk of being diagnosed with complications such as diabetes and even heart disease.

West Hollywood Dental X Rays Specialist

Many patients may be neglecting the services of our West Hollywood dental X rays specialist because they feel as if their smile looks and feels fine. Unfortunately, this does not mean that there are not serious amounts of disease and decay that are taking place just below the surface. In some instances, an individual may not see damage or feel pain until the disease and decay have advanced to a very debilitating stage.

By scheduling an appointment for regular dental X rays in West Hollywood with our dental office, we will be able to take a very close look at the interior of your teeth, your jaw, and deep into your gums in order to assess if any issues have begun to form. This will allow us to ensure that the roots and pulp of your teeth are healthy, leading to a straight and beautiful smile.

Our friendly staff and experienced dentist in West Hollywood is ready to help you with any dental services that you may need. From full mouth restorations to chairside whitening, we believe that your oral health and your smile is our personal responsibility.