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Differences between Silver and White Fillings

Differences between Silver and White FillingsIf you have a cavity in your tooth, our cosmetic dentist in West Hollywood will need to clean out the decay and restore your tooth to its original shape and size with a dental filling. The two most common types of fillings are silver fillings and composite fillings. Silver, or amalgam fillings are made of a special blend of metals and can withstand extremely strong bite forces. Relatively inexpensive, they are frequently covered by most dental insurance providers and are very durable, often lasting a decade or longer.

Many people prefer tooth colored fillings, however. White fillings do not contain the mercury of amalgam fillings. Instead, they are made of a glass and acrylic blend that is extremely durable and hardens immediately with the use of a special light. Additionally, they have an extremely natural appearance that matches your own teeth quite closely.

If our dentist determines that you are a candidate for a white filling, the area that will be worked on will be numbed using an anesthetic, and then the area of decay will be removed. Our dentist will match the composite resin to your teeth and place it carefully before curing it using the light. Once the filling has hardened, it will be trimmed for a perfect fit and polished to match the sheen of your other teeth.

You can find out more about composite fillings or schedule your regular dental checkup by calling our dental office today.



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