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Different Kinds of Dental Fillings

Different Kinds of Dental FillingsTeeth that have suffered damage or decay need to be repaired or restored to prevent further damage that could ultimately lead to the loss of the tooth. Direct restorations, or fillings, are commonly done with amalgam, or silver, fillings. Silver fillings are composed of mercury, copper, tin and silver, giving them the strength and durability to withstand strong bite forces in the back of the mouth. They can often last more than a decade, but many people dislike the telltale dark metal coloring of amalgam fillings.

Composite, or white, fillings have become far more popular in recent years. White fillings are composed of a composite blend of quartz and plastic resin that matches the natural color of the tooth. Our dentist will place the composite into the damaged or decayed area of tooth and then cure it using a special light. The composite hardens immediately, sealing and strengthening the tooth against further damage.

Other types of fillings are also available, although are less widely used. Glass ionomers are a type of filling that is most often used for cavities or damage that is located beneath the gum line. They can also contain fluoride, which is then slowly released to strengthen and harden teeth.

If you have a broken, cracked, or damaged tooth or you have suffered from tooth decay, our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist can provide you with filling options that will best meet your needs and match your lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more.


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