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Dr. Ghasri is great.
I have been going to her wilshire and sunset plaza offices since 2006. I have had teeth whitining and cleaning done and occasionally they take x-rays. I have fairly healthy teeth and every dentist ...
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Effects of Alcohol on the Teeth

effects of alcohol on the teethMost people are aware of the dangers of alcohol. Many people over the age of 21 have probably experienced a nasty hangover the day after a night on the town. Too much alcohol consumption can lead to alcohol poisoning, and of course, you should never, under any circumstances, drink and drive. But there is another danger to excessive alcohol consumption that many people are not aware of. Alcohol wears away at your teeth and can make you more prone to decay and gum disease.

Alcohol dehydrates you, and when you are dehydrated, your mouth does not produce saliva. Saliva is your body’s natural defense against tooth decay since it naturally washes away bacteria. But if you are not producing any saliva, then there is nothing to wash away the plaque. Mixing your drinks does not do a lot to help, since energy drinks and sodas are highly acidic and will also contribute to the elimination of enamel. Additionally, a night of drinking can lead to severe vomiting, which will erode your teeth due to the acid entering your mouth.

Fortunately, our dentist in West Hollywood can offer several ways to reduce the effect alcohol has on your teeth. If you are having a mixed drink, sip it through a straw. This reduces the amount of contact the drink will have with your teeth. Make sure to drink plenty of water while you are out drinking. Not only will it help keep you hydrated, it also aids in the stimulation of saliva. And make sure to drink plenty of water the next day as well. You can also chew sugarless gum while you are drinking, and this will also help aid in the production of saliva.

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