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Folic Acid and Dental Health

Folic Acid and Dental HealthProper nutrition is important for good oral health, and eating a healthy, balanced diet can be a part of your home oral health care routine. While it is well known that nutrients such as Vitamin D and calcium are important for healthy teeth, there are other vitamins and minerals that benefit oral health as well. One of these vitamins is folic acid.

Folic acid, also known as Vitamin B9, is the synthetic version of folate, which occurs naturally in dark green vegetables and certain seeds, beans, and nuts. Folic acid is important for pregnant women in order to prevent both neurological and dental birth defects, but is also important for others as well. Folic acid can help the immune system in fighting and preventing disease. This B vitamin is also important to help with proper cell growth and functioning, and with the repair of damaged cells.

When combined with Vitamin C, folic acid can help the body repair gum tissue that has been damaged by the bacteria that causes periodontal gum disease. You can eat foods that contain the natural form as folate or choose fortified breads, pastas, and cereals to get your daily nutritional requirements.

If you are worried about how your diet affects your oral health and if you are getting the right nutrients for healthy teeth and gums, make an appointment with our West Hollywood dentist for the best recommendations on diet and home oral health care for a healthy mouth.

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