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Gingivitis and Insulin Resistance

gingivitis and insulin resistanceMost people know that oral health and general health are connected. Oral health problems can increase the risk of certain health conditions, while certain diseases and medical issues can have an effect on oral health. New research is showing that gingivitis can lead to insulin resistance even in people who do not have diabetes.

A link has been shown between diabetes and oral health problems. This new study shows that gingivitis can reduce the effectiveness of the insulin that is naturally produced by the body to properly use sugars, leading to higher levels of blood sugar.

Over time, high blood sugar levels can also affect the effectiveness of insulin to regulate blood sugar. This can increase a person’s risk of actually developing diabetes. In the study, as gum disease worsened, insulin resistance increased, showing how important it is to maintain good oral health for good overall health.

If you have symptoms of gum disease, such as swollen, inflamed, or bleeding gums, you can decrease your risk of developing insulin resistance and diabetes by treating gingivitis. Daily brushing and flossing are important to remove harmful plaque and bacteria from the gum line. Antiseptic mouth rinses can also kill bacteria that cause gum disease.

Our dentist in West Hollywood can detect and treat gum disease. It is best to maintain regular appointments so that potential problems can be detected early. Early detection and treatment can reduce your risk of developing additional health problems due to poor oral health.

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