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How to Protect Your Holiday Smile

How to Protect Your Holiday SmileDuring the holidays, delicious temptations abound. Whether you are at work, in school, or travelling, delectable sweets seem to be everywhere. Be careful, though, as overdoing it can cause more trouble than it is worth.
Moderation is always key when it comes to not ruining your oral health with sugary snacks. Limiting the amount you eat is always a good idea, as sugar sitting on your teeth all day acts like fuel to harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay. Some dentists recommend eating one snack and then brushing your teeth immediately afterwards, as opposed to nibbling on treats throughout the day. Also be careful with hard candies, chewy candies, and nuts. Many people do not realize it until it is too late, but most dentist offices close down around the holidays. That means that if you suffer a dental emergency during this time, you may have difficulty finding treatment. Ask your dentist if they are around during the holidays or if they can recommend a good emergency dentist just in case. Because if you chip or break a tooth, waiting until the New Year to get it fixed could end up causing more serious complications.


If you are travelling, be sure to pack a toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, and dental floss. When you do not have the chance to brush your teeth after a meal, sugarless gum can be a good alternative option. Also make sure to pack gauze and over-the-counter painkillers, just in case you do experience a dental emergency unexpectedly.


If you did suffer any holiday injuries to your teeth that you have not yet addressed, contact our expert in cosmetic dentistry as soon as possible.


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