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Invisalign Preferred Provider

Invisalign Preferred Provider


Results were Exactly how I wanted
I went to Dr. Poneh Ghasri for Invisalign after my other orthodontist couldn't seem to get my teeth as straight as I wanted.  Dr. Poneh was wonderful in making sure the end results were exact...
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How Tooth Loss Affects Memory

How Tooth Loss Affects MemoryLosing a tooth is a childhood rite of passage to obtaining their permanent teeth. Unfortunately, many adults lose teeth, too. While the loss of a baby tooth in childhood is exciting, most adults are not happy about losing teeth, because they will need to consider restoration options to prevent further dental problems. A lost tooth can result in poor oral function, increased risk of gum disease, malocclusion and other potentially serious issues. According to a new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, losing teeth can also affect your memory.

This study evaluated nearly 3,200 adults over the age of 60 and found that people with no remaining teeth had a 10 percent less function in memory and the walking speeds. The researchers adjusted their results by accounting for other known risk factors, such as depression, sociodemographic characteristics, physical health, lifestyle factors and socioeconomic status. Patients who were younger, or between 60 and 74, showed significantly more decline, in comparison to those over the age of 75.

Tooth loss is extremely common in older adults, but it can lead to an earlier, more severe mental and physical decline. Researchers have not yet identified the mechanism of action, but the link could be due to reduced oral stimulation and poor nutritional status. The best way to prevent tooth loss is to practice good dental habits, such as eating a balanced diet, not smoking, brushing and flossing twice a day and visiting us for a complete checkup at least twice a year. If you have already lost teeth, your best option for replacing them would be dental implants, which replace both the root and crown of the lost tooth. Call us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment with our team.


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