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Everyone was very Friendly and Caring
Dr. Poneh was very easy and comforting. I had many things to accomplish in a short period of time since I was moving to Bishop and the whole staff made it happen! I also referred my wife to them ...
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Poor Oral Health and Risk of Pneumonia

Poor Oral Health and Risk of PneumoniaA recent study conducted by Yale researched revealed that poor dental hygiene may be linked to pneumonia. When oral bacteria are allowed to build up in your mouth, they may be more likely to trigger a lung infection. Seniors who do not or cannot properly maintain good dental hygiene may be at the greatest risk.

These infections are believed to be caused by the oral bacteria which are inhaled into the lungs. The bacteria can then multiple and infect the lungs, which may lead to pneumonia. The very young, the elderly and those with suppressed immune systems may be at the greatest risk for developing pneumonia. Pneumonia can be life-threatening, so avoiding risk factors when possible is ideal.

Oral bacteria can best be controlled by brushing after meals and flossing once a day. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid irritating the gums and use fluoride toothbrush to strengthen tooth enamel and combat bacteria. If you are at risk for developing gum disease or pneumonia, speak to our dentist about antimicrobial mouth rinse as well.  These specially formulated mouth rinses can help eliminate bacterial buildup.

Visiting our dentist can also help you reduce your risk of bacteria-related complications. We generally recommend biannual visits for most of our patients. If you smoke, have diabetes, are pregnant or have other risk factors, we may recommend more frequent checkups. Symptoms of gum disease, including red, swollen or bleeding gums, indicate the need for a prompt visit.

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