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Invisalign Preferred Provider

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Potential Consequences of Using Cheap Whitening Treatments

potential consequences of using cheap whitening treatmentsWhen it comes to making a purchase, people always prefer to spend less than more. However, that principle should not apply when you are considering making cosmetic improvements to your appearance, including teeth whitening treatments. Many over-the-counter products and dentists will promise you a dazzling smile for pennies on the dollar. But teeth whitening is a delicate procedure that needs to be performed by a professional in order to provide stunning results. If someone is offering you a cheap whitening procedure, there is probably a good reason why it is so cheap.

Whether you choose to undergo in-office or at-home whitening treatments, you should always get your smile evaluated by a dental professional first. Patients who suffer from gum disease or tooth decay should get those issues sorted out first before continuing with teeth whitening. If your dentist says it is okay to do at-home whitening, you should make sure to follow the instructions carefully. Leaving the bleaching solution on longer than recommended can lead to increased tooth sensitivity and enamel erosion.

Even if you follow the instructions, it is entirely possible that cheap whitening treatments will just not provide any noticeable results. It may have been cheap, but you will have wasted your money if no one can tell the difference between your before and after smile. This is why our dentist offers in-office whitening treatments. These procedures can often be completed in less than an hour, and you will notice an immediate improvement in the appearance of your smile.

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