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Dr. Poneh will have me as a patient for life
I've been a long time fan/patient of Dr. Poneh and wanted to check out her digs at Sunset Plaza.  THis location is small, but it is very well designed.  Jared, the assistant, was fri...
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Preventing Gingivitis

Preventing GingivitisYour mouth is naturally home to millions of bacteria. Although many are harmless, some are associated with gingivitis, a condition that is believed to be the first stage of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease has been linked to a number of serious health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, dementia and breast cancer. Reducing the levels of plaque and bacteria in your mouth may be one of the best ways to avoid gingivitis.

The American Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth at least twice daily or after meals. Brushing removes plaque and bacteria from the teeth and along the gumline. Daily flossing will help remove plaque from between your teeth. Plaque that is not removed can begin to harden into tartar in as little as 24 hours. Once plaque hardens into tartar, it can only be removed by a dental cleaning. Regular dental checkups every six months can help catch signs of gingivitis and remove any plaque and tartar that was missed during daily brushing or flossing.

Symptoms of gingivitis include red or swollen gums, gums that bleed easily when brushed or flossed, gums that are discolored, or a bad taste or odor in your mouth. Any symptoms of gingivitis indicate a thorough dental exam is in order. Gingivitis is treatable and even reversible in its earliest stages. However, if it deteriorates into periodontal disease, the damage can be irreversible, and the treatments may be extensive. Gums may begin to pull away from teeth and develop pockets of infection. Ultimately, you may even lose teeth.

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