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Psychology Behind Flossing

psychology behind flossingWhile most people remember to brush their teeth the recommended two times each day, it is much more difficult to remember to floss if you have not already made it a daily habit. Making a habit can be difficult, but with the right psychology, you can remember to floss every day.

Repetition is vital in making a new habit stick, but remembering to start a new task and keep up with it to develop a habit is not always so easy. Psychologically, you need some kind of cue and reward combination to better remember. With brushing, it is easy to feel or see a film on your teeth or along the gum line that is relieved by brushing, making you feel immediately cleaner. It takes daily flossing to prevent gum disease.

Display some type of visual cue to remind yourself to floss. For example, place your floss on top of your toothbrush or toothpaste so you see it every time you brush. Stimulation of your gums and removing plaque from between the teeth will begin to feel good, creating a desire to repeat the process.

In addition to making both brushing and flossing habits in your daily life, make sure to see our dentist in West Hollywood for regular examinations twice a year or as recommended by the dentist. Regular visits with the dentist can help insure you are on track with your at-home care and detect potential issues early for the best in treatment and prevention.

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