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Soda and Teeth

soda and teethMany people enjoy drinking a cold soda on occasion, but as you probably already know, soda is one of the most harmful substances for your teeth. Many people have at least a can of soda every day, and some studies have shown that even having just one can a day can increase your risk of getting a heart attack by 48%. Too much soda does not just have a negative impact on your teeth but your entire body as well. Due to this, our dentist recommends limiting your consumption of soda or eliminating it from your diet entirely.

There are three factors in soda that make it so harmful for your teeth. These include:

1. Sugar. The bacteria in your mouth feed off sugar, and this creates acid on your teeth, wearing them down.
2. Phosphoric acid. This is a substance that can deteriorate dental enamel, and if too much enamel is removed, it could create hypersensitivity.
3. Staining materials. Soda adds layers of sugar to your teeth, creating plaque. Over time, these layers accumulate and result in a yellowish tint on your teeth.

The best way to avoid any of these negative consequences is to avoid soda as often as possible. You can substitute soda with fruit juice, milk, or water. If you do decide to drink a soda, it would be best to drink it through a straw in order to reduce direct contact with your teeth. You can also brush your teeth after every meal, or if brushing is not possible, rinse your mouth out with water.

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