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The Effects of Energy Drinks on Your Teeth

The Effects of Energy Drinks on Your TeethEnergy drinks are a popular alternative to carbonated beverages, juices and other drinks. Doctors have expressed concern about the extremely high levels of caffeine and other additives in some of these beverages, but dentists are also expressing concern about the potential health effects of energy drinks. Dental exam, cleaning and X-ray have also revealed dental health issues that may be not reversible caused by energy drinks. Here is what you need to know before your next dental exam.

Sports drinks and energy drinks often have high levels of sugar, citric acids, fruit juices and brightly colored dyes. This combination can be devastating to your dental health. The acids erode enamel, which can weaken them and make them more susceptible to dental decay. The sugars can also increase the amount of acid in your mouth by feeding the bacteria in plaque, which then create an acidic waste product that attacks the teeth. Once the enamel is weakened, they are even more prone to staining from the artificial dyes in these drinks. Ultimately, drinking a large volume of energy drinks can lead to thin enamel, weak teeth, cavities, gum disease and poor overall dental health.

Although energy and sports drinks are major culprits when it comes to damaged enamel, they aren’t alone. Juice and sodas can also erode the enamel on your teeth and leave them stained and dingy looking. Our dentist can help you learn ways to strengthen your teeth and remove years of accumulated stains. Contact us today to schedule your next checkup with Dr. Poneh Ghasri DDS, dentist in West Hollywood, CA.

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