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Treatments for Dry Mouth Condition

Treatments for Dry Mouth ConditionDry mouth can be an uncomfortable condition. Saliva acts as a natural lubricant and protects your teeth from dental decay. Your mouth should naturally produce about four pints of saliva a day. When saliva production decreases to the point that it becomes unhealthy or uncomfortable, the condition is known as xerostomia. Xerostomia is often caused by medications or health conditions, and symptoms can include a host of symptoms, such as discomfort, bad breath, burning sensations and pain.

Although it is uncomfortable and even painful, dry mouth can also be an oral health risk. The lack of saliva can lead to increased amounts of plaque and bacteria in your mouth, which boosts your risk of developing both tooth decay and gum disease. Treating the condition may be as simple as drinking more water, sucking on sugarless candies or chewing sugar-free gum. However, if those solutions are ineffective or insufficient, our dentist may be able to suggest other options.

If your dry mouth is linked to medication use, your dosage may need to be altered or you may require an alternative medication. If your dry mouth is linked to a health condition, such as diabetes, you will need to speak to your physician about ways you can gain better control of your blood sugar. Our dentist can also prescribe artificial saliva products to improve your comfort level.

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