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What You Should Know about Wisdom Teeth

What You Should Know about Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are sometimes referred to as our third molars, as they are the last of our teeth to erupt. They usually erupt in our late teens and early twenties, though it is fairly common to have them removed before they erupt. That being said, some people have wisdom teeth that erupt without causing any issues. There are few things to look out for to determine if you will need to have yours removed or not.


In many instances wisdom teeth are misaligned before they erupt through the gums. Sometimes wisdom teeth are even positioned horizontally before erupting. If wisdom teeth are misaligned, even slightly, it can cause significant damage to adjacent teeth, nerves, or the jawbone. They can also put pressure on the other teeth, causing them to move out of alignment.


In other instances, wisdom teeth may be impacted. This means that they are trapped within the bone or the gums, or even that they are only able to partially erupt. Partial eruption is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, so an infection is usually the result of a partial eruption. Impacted wisdom teeth often cause pain for the patient, which can be one of the first signs there is an issue. It is wise to have a dentist continually monitoring their development, though, as dentists can often tell if issues will arise simply through an X-ray. Extraction is the most common method for dealing with misaligned wisdom teeth. They may also be extracted even when there is not an immediate problem, like for instance to make room for an orthodontic treatment plan.


If you have not had anyone take a look at your wisdom teeth, it is recommended that you contact our dental extraction dentist in West Hollywood to schedule a consultation.


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