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What Your Mouth Says about Your Health

What Your Mouth Says about Your HealthThe mouth may indicate overall health and wellness. Certain medical conditions that occur in other areas of the body may actually produce symptoms that occur in the mouth. These symptoms may be noted by a dental care provider during routine examinations.

While bleeding gums are typically a sign of periodontal disease, this may also indicate a hormone imbalance. This is especially true for women, who may experience more tenderness, sensitivity, and bleeding from gums during their monthly periods, pregnancy, or menopause.

If gums are bleeding due to periodontal disease, it is important to engage in proper oral hygiene practices in order to eliminate the bacteria. The bacteria from gum disease may get into the blood stream and put a strain on the body, especially the heart. Left untreated, periodontal issues may lead to heart disease.

Cracks in the sides of the mouth and changes in the tongue, such as in color, texture, or thickness, can indicate a vitamin or mineral deficiency, while the presence of canker sores may be due to a gluten intolerance.

Bad breath not caused by gum disease may be a result of stomach problems. Additionally, stomach problems such as GERD may result in cracked and crumbling teeth, while stress can result in worn down teeth.

Be sure to maintain your twice a year dental exams with our dentist in West Hollywood, who can help to determine if you have oral health concerns or potentially other health problems.

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