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Invisalign Preferred Provider

Invisalign Preferred Provider

Invisalign Preferred Provider


Dr. Poneh will have me as a patient for life
I've been a long time fan/patient of Dr. Poneh and wanted to check out her digs at Sunset Plaza.  THis location is small, but it is very well designed.  Jared, the assistant, was fri...
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What Zoom Whitening Can Do

What Zoom Whitening Can Do

As we age, the shade of our teeth can become stained. Part of this change is a natural process, but other factors can contribute to tooth discoloration, as well. Tobacco, wine, coffee, tea, and soda can all have a negative impact on the color of your teeth. There are several at-home and professional teeth whitening products available, but none can produce results as quickly as Zoom whitening.


The Zoom whitening process takes about an hour total to complete. Your dentist will first examine your mouth to make sure your teeth and gums are in good health. Once the procedure begins, the dentist will cover all of the soft tissue in your mouth. This will isolate the teeth so that they only receive the gel and your gums are protected. The gel is a hydrogen peroxide solution that is designed to be activated by a special UV Zoom light that is also used in the procedure. The gel is applied for fifteen minutes at a time, and it remains on the teeth while the Zoom light is used to further enhance the stain-removal powers of the gel. There are three of these fifteen minute sessions during the course of the procedure.


You will notice results immediately upon completion of the Zoom whitening procedure. Your teeth will actually be several shades whiter. If you wish to maintain the results of the Zoom treatment, it will be necessary for you to limit the amount of consumption you have with the tooth-staining foods and drinks detailed above. The dentist may also provide you with touch-up trays for at home use, and instructions for how to properly use them.


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