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Why Dental Care is Important During Pregnancy

Why Dental Care is Important During Pregnancy

The health of our mouth has a substantial impact on our overall health. At no time is this more true than during pregnancy. Though everyone should get regular cleanings and dental exams, it is vitally important that pregnant women visit their dentist to ensure the health of themselves and their babies.


When a woman becomes pregnant, her body goes through changes that serve to support and protect the baby that is growing inside her. Hormones increase to support the pregnancy. Blood volume increases to provide added nourishment to the baby. The immune system weakens so that the baby can grow without being attacked by her body.


Hormonal changes make pregnant women more susceptible to gum disease and related symptoms, such as swollen or bleeding gums and increased gum sensitivity. Furthermore, due to having a suppressed immune system, a pregnant woman is less equipped to fight off infections when they occur. Gum disease and other oral infections can lead to complications in pregnancy, including prematurity and low birth weight. Therefore, keeping the teeth and gums clean and healthy is essential for the safety of the pregnancy.


It is recommended that a woman make an appointment to see her dentist early in her pregnancy. This will allow her dentist to monitor her oral health and advise her on how to care for her teeth in pregnancy, as well as offer tips for proper infant oral care. If you are pregnant and have not yet had a prenatal dental checkup, call our office to schedule an appointment.


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