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Invisalign Preferred Provider

Invisalign Preferred Provider

Invisalign Preferred Provider


This office truly cares about their patients. I originally came because of one of their specials and now I go in for everything. I usually hate dentists but this office made me feel comfortable fro...
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Zoom Whitening in West Hollywood

Zoom Whitening in West HollywoodThere are countless whitening and bleaching products and services on the market, leading many individuals to question which options are the most effective, comfortable, and affordable. Our staff understands just how important our patients’ smiles are to them, and this is why our West Hollywood Zoom teeth whitening specialist, Dr. Ghasri, is proud to provide this amazing and advanced chairside whitening treatment.

Most of the modern whitening systems utilize a peroxide-based gel that that will be placed on the teeth. Before attempting this treatment, it is important for patients to understand that the services of our expert on Zoom teeth whitening in West Hollywood cannot lift intrinsic stains, or those deep below the dentin. While we do have options for more severe discoloration, this type of bleaching will typically not work.

West Hollywood Zoom Whitening Expert

What makes the services our West Hollywood Zoom whitening dentist stand out is the use of a specialty lamp during this process.  This lamp activates the gel quickly in order to release oxygen molecules. This oxygen can penetrate the teeth to lift very deep external stains.

Many patients choose the services of our expert on Zoom whitening in West Hollywood because of the many benefits that this chairside bleaching system has over at-home kits. Many of these kits are not only ineffective, they are uncomfortable. Individuals may also apply the gels or trays incorrectly, running the risk of permanently damaging the enamel on the outside of their teeth.

Our whitening system can be carried out in as little as 3 treatments that take 15 minutes each. This means that the whitening agents are on the teeth for a very short amount of time, decreasing the chances of sensitivity while not making the gel ineffective. The level of whiteness can often be maintained for months or even years with proper oral hygiene habits.

No matter the type of dental services you are looking for, our cosmetic dentist in West Hollywood and staff are ready to help you. From the moment that you walk in the door, we will be dedicated to offering you the most advanced treatments in a world-class environment.

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